News interview promoting the Journey Weight Loss Boot Camp

Posted by Kendra Robbins on

Today was one of the most exciting days of my life. Never would i have ever thought i would have had the opportunity to promote my JOURNEY WEIGHT LOSS BOOT CAMP live on the news media. Special thanks to Aimee Lejuene, owner of Lake Area Martial Arts, Shannon Soileau, and my son Partrick Gill, for all the support and encouragement. Shout out to the KPLC news staff for being such great sports while doing the relay kickboxing race and doing a few ab exercises. I encourage everyone to come out to Lake Area Martial Arts and try out one of our kickboxing classes. Also once a month on the last Saturday of each month we host our JOURNEY WEIGHT LOSS BOOT CAMP. Come on out and join all the fun while getting fit. Follow my instagram @journeyweightloss_ my facebook page MY 100lb JOURNEY, and Lake Area Martial Arts for more info on classes. 


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